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Caring For Your Poodle

The Poodle

A poodle is not merely a set of pompoms on legs. Originally bred as a working dog, specifically a water retriever, poodles tend to be active, intelligent and, usually, good-natured. One important aspect of poodles is that they don’t leave many hairs behind them, meaning they can be good companions for people with mild allergies. Poodles also tend to be good with children and other pets, including cats, if you introduce the animals slowly and carefully...

Points to ponder:

1. Walk your poodle daily.

2. Brush your pet once or twice a week.

3. Socialize your poodle by providing him with contact with other dogs and with people.

4. Take him to a groomer for clipping

5. Take your dog for regular veterinary check-ups.

Judith Willson


Health and Well-Being

Like all animals, Poodles require health checks - ears, teeth, eyes and worming and vaccinating.

Some products you should consider having on hand:

Ear Cleaner

All Wormer

Puppy Wormer

Dental toothbrush and toothpaste

Chew toys

Hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner

Slicker brush

Wide tooth comb for poodle hair

Small clipper for the face and feet

Large clipper for an all over body trim

Nail clippers

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puppy pack.PNG

The many looks of the Poodle

The poodle is undoubtedly one of the most popular dogs when it comes to trying out different haircuts and hairstyles thanks to the volume of its curly coat. Their coats' softness and hypoallergenic quality - besides their remarkable intelligence - make it one of the most popular dogs for professional dog groomers. As you know, poodle hair continues to grow so you need to brush your pet once or twice a week, if his hair is clipped short. If the hair has been allowed to grow long, brush daily. Your poodle should have a thorough grooming at least every six weeks. Unless you show your poodle, it may be best to get an all-over, short trim, which is the most comfortable for the dog and the easiest to groom.

Just some of the varying poodle cuts:

Lion cut- The lion cut is probably the best known and most extravagant of all the poodle haircuts (see below).

Other include: English saddle cut. Dutch cut. Modern cut. Puppy cut. Summer cut. Cupcake cut. Teddy bear cut.

Judith Willson


Training Tips

Like children, puppies learn very fast at an early age. Teaching them at this early stage results in a well behaved and socially integrated adult pet.

Puppies can attend puppy pre-school from about 16 weeks of age, so don't forget to keep in contact with your local vet! 

Judith Willson

Toilet training hints:

training tips.PNG

Frequently Asked Questions

How big will my poodle grow?

A good rule of thumb is to look to the parents. There will always be variation within a litter, but the size of the parents will be a pretty good indication of the size of the pup!

Should I get a male or female poodle?

This is generally a personal choice. Some people may prefer one or the other, some may believe all poodles are great. As with all animals though, each poodle will differ - they have different personalities, interests and behaviours!

We believe that the key to raising poodles (either male or female) is consistency in
training and their environment (food, attention, exercise). We have never had a poodle snap or show vicious behaviours. All our pups love hugs and cuddles. Some enjoy rolling on their backs for tummy rubs and others prefer a whole arms wrapped around you, kind of hug. Some love chasing the ball and other look at a ball with a 'couldn’t care less…’ attitude.

Do poodles need grooming?

Yes! Poodles can be the perfect pampered pet - they are versatile with their
looks and there are many styles you can try!

It is recommended that you brush frequently and trim eyes and bottoms every 4 weeks or
so. Poodles should be washed at 2-4 weeks and clipped every 6 weeks. You may have heard that poodles do not shed and this is one of the reasons poodles are so popular – their hypoallergenic nature! This is not quite true though…

Poodles shed small amounts of hair (not fur as with other dog breeds) but instead of falling out and floating around, it is trapped within the poodle coat. If left un-brushed, the
hair will become matted and uncomfortable.

Does my puppy come with papers?

Yes, all our companion poodles come with the essential paperwork- vaccination records, microchipping, change of ownership records, worming schedules, photos and detailed information about their habits, food, toileting etc.

These are purebred poodles with happy dispositions and are not at risk of developing major health problems.

Our are not registered for showing or breeding and so don’t come with specialised ancestry (pedigree) papers.

When can my poodle come to live with me?

By law, no puppy should leave its mother until it is at least 8 weeks of age - so puppies are usually ready to leave our family for yours any time after these 8 weeks of essential development.

Do you sell your puppies interstate?

Yes, we are able to sell interstate, and are happy to help organise transport for the puppy to its new home at the buyer’s expense. We have had puppies find their forever homes with families all across Australia!

During these unsettled times of Covid-19 however, there have been many changes to transport regulations and much of transport remains uncertain. Because of this, we are only placing puppies within NSW for the time being.


I want more! Where can I keep up to date?

Poodlicious Companions has both a Facebook and Instagram page full of photos and videos showing our dogs during their development and everyday activities.

Here you can find out more about which pups are available, which pups are getting ready for their new families, and what our mums and dads have been up to! You can even keep up to date with puppies who have travelled to their new homes and how they have grown!


Click on the media icons in the top right of our menu for a shortcut to these pages! 

So how exactly can I secure a pup?

To make sure our mums are always happy and healthy, it is essential to have a waiting list for our pups. Availability generally depends on your preferences:
Are you wanting a toy or miniature poodle?
A male or female?
What colour are you looking for?
Where are you located?

We will contact people on our waitlist and notify them when puppies that match their preferences become available. Puppies who have not already been spoken for by forever families will be advertised here, or on our Facebook and Instagram page.
By subscribing to these pages, you can keep up to date with our latest litters and
follow their growth.

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