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About Us

We are a small, family breeder of purebred Miniature and Toy Poodles. We are located in Mudgee, in the Central Tablelands of NSW.
Our mums and dads have come from registered breeders throughout Australia and have been raised by us from pups. We work hard to ensure that all of our dogs get the best care, are healthy and happy with plenty of love and exercise, so that you may add a new friend to your family who is well-rounded.
Our dogs are Orivet tested to make sure that we can offer you sound genetic lines.
Our puppies are raised in a fun-loving environment of chasing balls, tug-a-war, water play and daily walks and have been socialised with adults, children and other dogs so that they can confidently become part of your family.
We are fully registered with the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB). Under the association, we are vet checked and audited annually.

Raising Our Pups

Our puppies stay with mum who teaches them to feed, walk, run and play. She shows them how and where to toilet. Weaning begins at about 4 weeks when the pups begin to spend time away from mum, to play, sleep and eat independently. They still sleep with mum at night for warmth and comfort. At this time they are also introduced to solid food, softened and small uncooked meat bones.

The pups continue to spend more time away from mum and receive continual attention and stimulation for cognitive and physical growth.

They are weaned on a variety of high protein puppy biscuits including Advance and Royal Canine, mince, chicken necks (fresh!), rice and cooked vegetables

Toilet training has continued using puppy pads, astro turf and of course, the great outdoors.

All puppies are wormed every 2 weeks.

They are vet checked, micro-chipped and vaccinated at 6 weeks.

By 8 weeks, your puppy is bouncy, healthy, well-socialised and ready to meet their new family…

Welcoming your new pup

At first, your new puppy may seem quiet, this would be due to the journey they have had, the loss of the 'pack' and of course all the new smells, sounds and movements.

It doesn't take long though for the natural instincts of your puppy as a social pack animal to kick in and the fun begins!!!

To help with this transition, your puppy will come with a blankie/ toy smelling of the pack and biscuits that they are familiar with.

You will also receive a folder with all relevant information: change of ownership form, permanent identification form, a schedule of worming and vaccinations and photos of them growing up.

Your puppy is very small and will want to discover the world...

Be sure to watch where you tread or how high they are lifted - It's a long way to fall!

We wish you lots of fun as you welcome a new 'baby' into your life.

It has been a pleasure to look after them until they were ready to become part of your family.

We hope that you will send us photos and info about them!!

Waiting Lists



Because we want to ensure that all our Mums are healthy and happy, we cannot always have puppies on call. And so, for those interested in one of our puppies becoming part of your family, we have created a waiting list.

The waiting list provides the opportunity for you to put your name down for the type of puppy, colour, gender etc that you are interested in. 

It is not essential of course to put your name down, it is simply an opportunity.

It also gives you time to reflect on owning a puppy and the responsibilities and joys that come with this small bundle.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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